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Featured Guitar with Glenn Carson Engravings

Froggy Bottom headstock with Glenn Carson engraved MOP

This featured H-12 Limited Grade guitar once again brings together the talents of the artists who collaborated on the exclusive Froggy Bottom 40th Anniversary instruments: pearl engraver Glenn Carson, fine artist Petria Mitchell, Michael Millard an ...

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Will Ackerman Signature Model K


Since starting Froggy Bottom Guitars with the construction of my first guitar in 1970, we have strictly avoided celebrity endorsements. One need only look around the world of acoustic guitars to realize that instrument making companies circle famous ...

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New Phone Number

new phone 802 763 0100

Our mailing address remains the same:P.O. Box 246
Chelsea, VT 05038

Featured H-14

froggy bottom model h14

Grand Concert-15” guitars were developed in the 1920s. In the 1930s, with the addition of a slightly longer scale length, the OM guitar was born. Rivaling the larger dreadnoughts, these instruments were revered for their ability to retain clarity a ...

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Eddie's Guitars

Ed Putney of Eddie's Guitars in St. Louis

Meet our dealer in St. Louis -- and make an appointment to see them when you're in town!


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Eddie's Guitars
St. Louis, MO

visit their site
(314) 781-7500

Cleaning Your Guitar

The Care & Feeding of Froggy Bottom Guitars Part III: Cleaning and Protecting Fingerboards and Bridges

Given an intact finish, the outside of the guitar is reasonably well protected and, with a sound hole cover humidifier in dry environments, ...

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