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Froggy Model H12

Froggy Bottom H12 Grand Concert Guitar

Responsive to the touch, with a rich and complex voice, the H12 has been Froggy Bottom Guitar’s best-selling design for over 20 years. Small enough to be really comfortable, but with volume and tone that will surprise and delight you, the H-12 is an excellent choice for finger-style guitarists.

“It was sort of a landmark for me when I found that H-12, one of those pivotal moments that you have in your life. One was my parents buying me a guitar for Christmas way back when. Then another might have been hearing Chris Smither 15 years ago playing The Statesboro Blues on the radio (by the time he was done I’d just about run off the road). And about a year later, I discovered this Froggy Bottom H-12, and that’s been the end of me ever since. I’m no good! Ruined. That’s my whole story.”

- J.B.

H12 Model Specs

Body Width:
Body Length:
Body Depth:
Scale Length:
Nut Width:
(variable at no charge)

H12 Model Prices

These prices reflect only the basic grade and wood choices for this model. Our price list has prices for specific custom options. Our current prices, effective February 2014, are subject to change without notice.

mahogany 6955 7990 9220
rosewood 6955 7990 9220
maple N/A 8685 9935
walnut N/A 9365 10,605
koa N/A 10455 11,695
includes slotted headstock


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