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robert resnick with the L prototype:  Martin body, Froggy top

Froggy Bottom Model L

Like the full-sized Froggy Bottom Model F, this smaller parlor-sized Model L became a standard guitar model at Froggy Bottom as the result of the rescue of an older instrument.

A questionable eBay purchase – a little Martin 1-17 with a trashed top – fell into the hands of a family friend and wound up on Michael’s bench. When asked about it’s condition, Michael said, “Well, there’s good news and bad news….The bad news is that every type of glue known to man has been used on this bridge to try to get it to stick and there’s just no way the top can be rescued.”

“What’s the good news?”

“The good news is it’s seventy-three years old and the back, sides and neck are all in gorgeous condition. There’s nothing wrong with them at all. I think we should put a new top on it.”

Outfitted with a new Froggy Bottom spruce top, the instrument stunned everyone in the shop. They were so pleased with it that the Froggy Bottom Model L was added to the line.

With a 13” wide lower bout, the Model L is a lot of guitar in a little package. Though it is the smallest guitar in the Froggy Bottom family, like our other parlor guitars, the Model L delivers wonderfully balanced tone and surprising volume.

Its standard 24.75” scale length gives this little guitar a lot of strength without sacrificing tonal complexity.

With a shortened scale, the Model L makes an excellent tenor or high-strung guitar.  You can see a left-handed version in our Specialty collection.

I can't put this little guitar down.  It's what I've wanted from the beginning, when you told me you wouldn't make a 24" scale for an adult ;-)  I'm glad you didn't.  I love the 24.75 scale length and the shape and size of the body...but mostly that sound that only your guitars have.  It's for writing...the H is for live...or whichever Froggy is closer...

Thank YOU!


L Model Specs

Body Width:
Body Length:
Body Depth:
Scale Length:
Nut Width:
(variable at no charge)

L Model Prices

These prices reflect only the basic grade and wood choices for this model. Our price list has prices for specific custom options. Our current prices, effective February 2014, are subject to change without notice.

mahogany 6955 7990 9220
rosewood 6955 7990 9220
maple N/A 8685 9935
walnut N/A 9365 10,605
koa N/A 10,455 11,695
includes slotted headstock


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