As we enter our 55th year of making fine guitars, we find ourselves at a crossroad. We here are all aging and considering what the future holds for us individually, as well as for Froggy Bottom Guitars.

Michael is seventy-six, and has been pseudo-retired, semi-retired or in-some-ways retired since Covid required his separation from the rest of the team in early 2020. By one path or another, his involvement with the shop will diminish over the next couple years. His shift away from leadership of the company will bring about changes. Our internal conversations about our future as a company have been ongoing for some time.

Our current crew of Michael, Andy Mueller, Eric Goodenough, Mark Burds and Mike Hauser is making what we believe to be the finest guitars in our history. We have many questions about what will come as Michael rides off into whatever the sunset offers. We have been searching for awhile for a person or persons to become involved with the leadership of the company, and that search will remain ongoing. We do have some interest there.

Another option would be to sell the company. Such a possibility would require a buyer willing, able, and committed to the fundamental nature of the company as it has always existed, building the very finest guitars possible at a very modest level of output, with an unmatched level of communication with the players and those for whom the instruments are built. Froggy Bottom Guitars has always operated to create a good living for the team, not to generate great profit.

Should neither of these two options develop adequately for us, we will close our doors and cease all building of our instruments as of December 31, 2025.

Beginning immediately, we are opening our closely held stash of premium woods for use in upcoming guitar orders. Our most desirable examples of woods Michael began gathering in 1958 are now available for use in current Froggys. In addition, an old and dear friend who has been a long-time source of exceptionally fine guitar woods has opened his supply of those to us. If you have been dreaming for years of an extraordinary Froggy, now is the time to call Michael or your Froggy Bottom Guitars dealer and make the leap.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts about this. Give us a call and we’re happy to help you sort through your ideas and possibilities. We have a new phone system in the works. If you get the answering system, please be sure to tell us where you’re calling from and the best time to call you back. We still don’t have a secretary; we’re just a bunch of guitar makers, after all, but we’ll get back to you in person, ASAP. Thanks!

Call us: (802) 728-3429

If you can,  come see us at the Artisan Guitar Show in Harrisburg, PA  April 19-1, 2024.

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We make guitars one at a time.

Over the course of fifty-five years of instrument building handmade custom guitars here at Froggy Bottom Guitars, our building methodology has turned on a simple idea: we make one guitar at a time.

One guitar, one player. It’s personal.

We go beyond ensuring that each guitar has been built to specs. In addition to the details of each guitar’s design, we know who the guitar is for; what it is designed to do; and how the details of its construction play into the overall goals of the client for the instrument itself. We are not a factory; we are not factory workers. We are intimately involved with every instrument we build.

At Froggy Bottom, we have not lusted to increase our guitar output year after year. Our connection to each instrument and player would suffer. Instead, we strive to get each instrument to exceed the hopes and expectations of its owner, to open new territory for them and to satisfy and expand their musical lives.  

Every guitar is a custom guitar.

We don’t promote our instruments by the stars who play them. We see no use in focusing your attention on the guitar someone else is playing. Our goal is to build a guitar for you.

That is why we do what we do, the way we do it.

Explore the wide range of guitar models offered.

Meet Glenn Carson,
our Mother of Pearl engraver


August 2020:  Glenn’s son put together this 20 minute video about his father.

Glenn has been working with Froggy Bottom Guitars since the 40th anniversary series — ten years ago!