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Featured Model F-14 Deluxe

 This featured Model F-14 DeLuxe, of Cocobolo and Adirondack spruce will be the prize for a future Froggy Bottom Raffle,

For years I have balked at guitar people insisting that Cocobolo is “just like Brazilian rosewood.” Cocobolo is a harder wood, much more oily, and most of it looks NOTHING like Brazilian rosewood. If there is any confusion about which species a particular piece of wood may be, a quick sniff of the material will identify which it is in a moment.

But every once in a great while, I come across a set of cocobolo which looks and sounds EXACTLY like Brazilian rosewood. Back in 1975 I obtained a couple planks of Cocobolo like that. This F-14 Deluxe is made of this wood; it will require your nose to tell you with any certainty that the back and sides of this guitar are NOT actually prime quality Brazilian wood. Our F-14 is a full-size (16” or 0000) guitar with a moderate (25.25”) scale length. Think versatility here, a guitar that will do just about everything well, from bare-fingered ballads to Bluegrass. The cocobolo gives it a strong fundamental punch and the Adi top lends a beautiful “sparkle” to the edge of the notes. 

~Michael Millard

Model F14 Specs


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