About Froggy Bottom Guitars

Our instrument making is unique in many ways. Our free-form method for guitar building allows us maximum flexibility to respond to the needs of our players.

Our guitars are tools for the personal artistic expression of amateur and professional musicians. As people and players vary widely, their instruments should vary widely, as well. 

Uninterested in generic instruments, we take to heart the opportunity to build your guitar – the instrument of your hopes and dreams.

At Froggy Bottom Guitars, it is our privilege to translate musicians’ understandings of what they need and desire in an instrument into the very physical world of wood, braces, necks and strings. In order to design and build an instrument that meets and often exceeds a player’s hopes and expectations, we ask lots of questions. And we listen very carefully.

Working directly with players, we build a guitar that they may have only imagined. The guitars don’t lie.
When all is said and done, our guitars–and their owners–speak for themselves.

Froggy Bottom Guitars are built to order for either individual musicians or one of our select authorized dealers. 
We are grateful for their work, trust, and support.