Hans Anderson with his Froggy Bottom H12

Player Profile: Hans Andersson

A medical doctor and director of a clinical genetic center in New Orleans, Hans Andersson fell in love with a Froggy Bottom in Michael’s shop in 2000. He took delivery of his Froggy Bottom H-12 grand concert guitar in December of that year. Hans was stranded in Vermont with us at Michael’s when Katrina hit and the levees failed in New Orleans in August, 2005. After five or six days, his wife and son were finally air-lifted off the Tulane Medical Center roof and bussed to Texas. We worried through those days with him. We’re friends.

Recently, I asked Hans how he and his Frog were getting along, ten years on:

“The H-12 is like a friendly pair of old shoes that fit perfectly. It gives me exactly what I’m looking for. It’s the instrument I go to first. It’s a really fine, full, versatile instrument.

“I can play Fernando Sor studies, then Leo Kottke, then flatpick some bluegrass and they all sound great. The guitar goes all kinds of places I would never have expected one instrument to go. It’s remarkable to me.

“In a way, my H-12 almost disappears under me. It just sort of evaporates and I end up listening to my playing rather than thinking about the mechanics. It’s a great guitar to play.”

When I spoke with Hans, he was taking his H-12 with him to Hawaii the next day.

“I have a 48 hour rule,” Hans said. “If I’m out of town for more than 48 hours, I have to bring it along. Otherwise, you don’t play. You go three or four days without playing. And what’s that about?”

What indeed.