Player Profile: Will Ackerman

Will is well known as the founder of Windham Hill Records, a producer for more than 70 artists – among them George Winston and Michael Hedges – with multiple platinum and gold records to his credit, and a Grammy award winning instrumentalist, recording artist and composer.

Will has a considerable stable of Froggy Bottoms, including a full sized F-14 (koa / German spruce), two Model Ks (Madagascar rosewood / Adirondack spruce), two jumbo East Indian rosewood model B Baritones (one Sitka topped, one Adirondack topped), and a grand concert H-12 (Brazilian rosewood / German spruce).

“The first Froggy I heard was literally revelatory. I realize that these are subjective things – and they should be – and I’m not telling people that the only guitar in the world is a Froggy Bottom Guitar. But for what I do, it’s the only guitar in the world.”

“It was Michael who came to me with a baritone guitar and said, ‘I think you’re going to find a way to make use of this.’ That baritone suddenly became incredibly important to me. I have one for the studio and one for the road.

“I remember the first time I played it was at the Overture Center in Madison, WI, which by the way is one of the greatest venues in America, and I forget the sound guy’s name (he’s been there forever), and I play the first few notes on it starting a sound check and he literally yelled from the top deck, “What the f_ck is that?”

“It’s a Froggy Bottom baritone.”

“Yeah, I should have known it was a Froggy, but the baritone thing is new to me.”

And I said, “It’s new to me, too.”

I get that wherever I go.