The materials used in the construction of a Froggy Bottom instrument are of the finest quality obtainable. With the exception of the mahogany neck stock, all our materials are air-dried. Upon receiving your order, we take the greatest care in selecting the materials for each instrument, insuring that your guitar will sound exactly as you hope.


Brazilian Rosewood

Though now quite rare and expensive, especially in fine quality, this is traditionally the choice for the finest guitars. It offers clarity, warmth and balance to the voice and unmatched beauty of grain and color in appearance.  We use Brazilian Rosewood in two grades:   4A and 5A.  5A Brazilian Rosewood is reserved for custom guitars, directly comissioned by the player.

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Honey to a very dark brick red, Koa can be highly figured or flamed much like maple. It varies in density a great deal, with darker wood usually being harder, lending a brighter tone. This range

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Madagascar Rosewood

Remarkably similar to Brazilian Rosewood in appearance, workability and tonal quality. It is most readily distinguishable from Brazilian by its fragrance.

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Light in weight, stable, mahogany gives a tone of warmth to a guitar. It is naturally a pale orange to almost brick red in color.  See gallery images for variations of Mahogany,  including a very specific tree known as “the tree”.

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With its golden color and dramatic figure, Maple is unmistakable. Maple guitars tend to be woody and warm, with a bit less brightness than guitars made of Rosewood. All maples age to a golden honey color.

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We prefer Bastogne Walnut for its greater hardness and wide range of beautiful color and figure. Bastogne is a significantly lighter wood than Rosewood, and produces an extremely responsive guitar.

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