Authorized Froggy Bottom Guitar Dealers

We consider personal service to be the most important part of a guitar shop and have chosen our dealers accordingly.

We work with a few, select authorized dealers. Our dealers know guitars – and they know our guitars. We have found them to be patient, knowledgeable, and more interested in matching you with a guitar that will really serve you, than in selling you their favorite model. 

In our experience, working directly with the player is the only way to get a ‘holy grail’ guitar built. If you need or want to be involved in the design consultations that go into a commissioned guitar – determining all its elements to suit your taste for the sound, function, look and feel of the instrument – then you should contact us directly about a custom instrument.


But, if you’ve spent an afternoon playing guitars at one of our Froggy Bottom dealers, below, and simply want a few personalized changes in the execution of a model you’ve fallen for, then it may be a courtesy to order your guitar through that dealer.

Of course, if you fall in love with the Froggy Bottom hanging on the wall, your best course may be to take it home right then.

Note:  Standard grade guitars as well as guitars of 5A Brazilian Rosewood are available only as custom guitars.

Sylvan Music

Sylvan Music

Santa Cruz, CA

Wildwood guitars

Wildwood Guitars

Louisville, CO 
(303) 665-7733

Ed Putney of Eddie's Guitars

Eddie's Guitars

Eddie's Guitars  St. Louis, MO
  (314) 781-7500


The Music Emporium

Lexington, MA
(781) 860-0049


Guitar Gallery

Nashville, TN
(615) 672-7733