Engraved Mother-of-Pearl (MOP)

In 2010 we first utilized the engraved MOP work of Glenn Carson on several of our 40th Anniversay guitars. Working with Glenn was very enjoyable and those first few guitars generated great interest in his work from our clientele.

We are now offering each of our standard abalone fretboard inlay patterns (#3, 5, 7 and 9) and our “froggy” headstock logo in engraved mother-of-pearl.

This offering is extremely limited due to the lead time required.   The lead time for the work is minimally 6 to 8 months and must be specified and confirmed with the initial order.   This can’t be added to an existing order at a later date.

Additionally, Glenn is developing several elegant engraved MOP patterns for headstocks and heelcaps for us.

This exclusive work is available only on instruments directly commissioned from the Froggy Bottom shop and requires substantial lead time.

For specific information on custom engraving work, please contact Michael directly at the Froggy Bottom Shop: 802 763-0100.