F14 in Cocobolo is Prize in Froggy Bottom Cares 2021 Raffle

Our next raffle guitar is an F-14, DeLuxe Grade, of truly magnificent seventy-five year old cocobolo and Adirondack spruce. With a moderate scale length of 25.25”, it’s easy on the left hand, yet still has a lot of power and is extremely versatile. The overtones and sparkle of the Adirondack top are well balanced by the hardness of the cocobolo back and sides, so the quietest bare fingers work is as remarkable as driving leads or powerful rhythm playing.
Decoratively, this is a quietly elegant guitar from which the natural beauty of the wood speaks most clearly.
For years I have balked at guitar people insisting that Cocobolo is “just like Brazilian rosewood.” Cocobolo is a harder wood, much more oily, and most of it looks NOTHING like Brazilian rosewood. If there is any confusion about which species a particular piece of wood may be, a quick sniff of the material will identify which it is in a moment. But every once in a great while, I come across a set of cocobolo which looks and sounds EXACTLY like Brazilian rosewood. Back in 1975 I obtained a couple planks of Cocobolo like that. This F-14 Deluxe is made of this wood; it will require your nose to tell you with any certainty that the back and sides of this guitar are NOT actually prime quality Brazilian wood.
Our F-14 is a full-size (16” or 0000) guitar with a moderate (25.25”) scale length. Think versatility here, a guitar that will do just about everything well, from bare-fingered ballads to Bluegrass. The cocobolo gives it a strong fundamental punch and the Adi top lends a beautiful “sparkle” to the edge of the notes.

Current retail value of this guitar is $17,265. It will be shipped to the lucky winner of the raffle by FedEx Overnight at no charge.

For this raffle, we will sell 1250 tickets @ $25 each or 5/$100.

We hope to close the raffle on or before May 15, 2021, but actual closing will be when 1250 tickets have been sold.


The drawing will be held within 24 hours of the raffle closing, and I will personally contact the winner to arrange delivery. 

 Michael Millard

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