andy mueller

Andy Mueller

Originally from California, Andy grew up in the North Idaho woods. He began playing the fiddle when he was nine years old, and working as a machinist in his parents custom movie camera business when he was thirteen. He moved to Vermont in 1993 after graduating from college (Reed College, Physics) and worked construction while he pondered his next move. It didn’t take long. . .

Andy met Michael that winter at a Louise Taylor concert, and one thing has been leading to another ever since. During the spring of 1994, Andy moved into a small off-grid cabin in the woods adjacent to the Froggy Bottom shop in Newfane, Vermont and completed his first guitar under Michael’s tutelage. By August he was working as member of the Froggy Bottom team.

Building musical instruments is a perfect synthesis of Andy’s passion for nature, science, craftsmanship, technical skill, problem solving, and music. After over twenty-five years in the field, he is still utterly overcome to hear the instruments he has contributed to in the hands of musicians.