Mark Burds-Masera

Since hearing the music of Norman Blake and Tony Rice at the age of 15, Mark has been in love with the acoustic guitar. Shortly after completing a crude cigar box guitar in his basement in Williamstown, VT, in the winter of 2014, Mark expressed to his boss at the local hardware store that he wanted to build guitars for a living. As if a sign from the universe, Eric Goodenough walked through the door five minutes later, marking the beginning of a friendship that would eventually lead to Mark being hired by Michael Millard in the fall of 2016. Throughout that autumn and winter, he build his own personal F14 under the loving tutelage of Michael, Eric, and Andy.
Originally from Central Massachusetts, Mark lives in an off-grid cabin in Central Vermont. When he’s not in the shop, he’s skiing, fishing, or playing bluegrass by the wood stove with his banjo-picking brother Pete.