Froggy Bottom Raffles

Every year or so, The Froggy Bottom Guitar shop offers one of their special, featured guitars, as the prize for a raffle for a friend or an organization  that is near and dear to them.

WHEN a raffle is active, you can find more information on this page.

FALL 2020 Raffle under a new name:   Froggy Bottom Cares!    Follow that link and join in!

This offering is a Model C with Brazilian Rosewood, 1876 vintage German spruce top, and bound in Koa.

A traditional “00” size guitar, it’s a  finger-stylist’s dream, and an excellent instrument for vocal accompaniment. Its voice is rich and harmonically complex, and it hasn’t even begun to grow up yet! This is an extremely responsive guitar which will give nuanced response to bare fingers much like the finest steel-stringed instruments of the 1920’s.

The rosewood is old growth, perfectly quarter-sawn, and rich chocolate in color; the old German Spruce is our finest. The fretboard position markers are our delicate “star” pattern at frets 5,7, 9, 12 and 15. The koa binding and heelcap set off the rosewood beautifully, as do the paua abalone rosette ring and center seam inlay on the back.
The neck is 1 3/4” wide at the nut and the bridge pin spacing is 2 5/16” c to c.

The 1200th ticket was purchased on October 27th and on the 28th the drawing was held.  Barry from Austin, TX was the lucky winner.  Thanks to all who participated!