Featured Guitars

In the Spring of 2005 we decided to begin building a few extra special instruments each year to be offered for sale exclusively through our web site. While Froggy Bottom has a well deserved reputation for our use of especially fine woods, each of these guitars will feature the very best of our finest woods, and each will be absolutely unique. If you’re looking for the most collectible of fine contemporary handmade guitars, these will be instruments you’ll want to see, play and own. 

We’ll offer you a detailed look at each guitar with  photos, videos (when possible). Each featured instrument will be available for purchase only from the Froggy Bottom shop.

If you have questions, we would greatly appreciate them by phone (802 763-0100)  rather than by email.
Click on an image below for detailed information and more images of each of these unique guitars.

Will Ackerman’s First Froggy – Model F14

Usually our featured guitars are brand new, made to be sold directly from the shop.  In this case, Will Ackerman, donated his first Froggy,  “FB#1” he calls it, back to the shop.  He has several other Frogs, and this one wasn’t getting played much. Please call the shop for pricing and details:  802 763-0100.

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Featured Model S12

Featured Model S12 from the Froggy Bottom Shop

This model S12 is offered as a featured guitar.  Built in 2019, it was recorded for the Holidays by Scott Ainslie. For pricing and details, please call the shop:  802 763-0100. ARVE Error: Mode: lazyload not available (ARVE Pro not active?), switching to normal mode

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Featured Model K in Figured Mahogany

Featured FBG Model K – Honduras Mahogany and Adirondack

ARVE Error: Mode: lazyload not available (ARVE Pro not active?), switching to normal mode Model K – Honduras Mahogany and Adirondack Call (802) 763-0100 for details and pricing. The Model K has been our most versatile design for fifty years. What some refer to as a “small jumbo’’, it is 16” wide and 4 1/4”

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ModelG Maple Adi Sunburst 2019

Model G – Maple and Adirondack – Sunburst

SOLD As a teenager I was fortunate to be able to drive to New York for guitar lessons with Reverend Gary Davis, one of the greatest guitarists of the 20th century. Rev. Davis favored guitar was the Gibson J-200. Over the years I owned several of these instruments, including a late ’30’s one of Brazilian

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