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Left-Handed Model L Froggy Bottom Guitar

Froggy Bottom: Specialty Instruments

Over the last four decades we've built a wide array of specialized, handcrafted instruments for serious players, famous and unknown. Baritone, high strung, tenor, acoustic bass, 7-string, 10-string, left-handed guitars as well as octave mandolins and mandocellos built on guitar bodies are available as commissioned instruments, built in consultation with you to suit your requirements and specifications. All of these instruments are built with the care and attention each Froggy Bottom instrument receives and meet our exacting standards for construction, beauty in sound and function.

Well Michael…now that I have lived with my new baby for a few days there seems to be a few major issues I have come across…

First, Playing it is all I want to do making it impossible to get anything else accomplished.
Second, I now seem to have a whole bunch of useless instruments laying around.
Thirdly, I now need to save lots of money so I can have another!!!

Thanks for building me such a incredible instrument…it will inspire me to make the time required to take my talent to another level.


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