Back and Side Materials



With its golden color and dramatic figure, Maple is unmistakable. Maple guitars tend to be woody and warm, with a bit less brightness than guitars made of Rosewood. All maples age to a golden honey color. Spalted Maple Rock Maple Tiger unfinished back for a Froggy Bottom Guitar Quilted Rock Maple back and sides of …

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Honey to a very dark brick red, Koa can be highly figured or flamed much like maple. It varies in density a great deal, with darker wood usually being harder, lending a brighter tone. This range of density is useful in varying the voice of a guitar. Dramatically figured Koa is becoming quite difficult to …

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We prefer Bastogne Walnut for its greater hardness and wide range of beautiful color and figure. Bastogne is a significantly lighter wood than Rosewood, and produces an extremely responsive guitar.