Froggy Bottom Model F12 Steel String Acoustic Guitar

The Froggy Bottom F12 Model – a full-sized 16” guitar with 4.125” depth (significantly shallower than dreadnoughts) – was inspired by the instrument resulting from the chance conversion of a broken Martin F-7 arch top back in Greenwich Village of the 1960s.

In 1965, someone brought a old Martin F-7 with a trashed top into Marc Silber’s shop in the Village, wondering if it could be salvaged. Marc replaced the original arch top with a flat top and what had been a rather pedestrian guitar got a lot more interesting. As the guitar made the rounds in the Village scene, it caught the attention of players and builders alike. People started bringing the old F-7s into Matt Umanov’s shop for conversion. Word got around. 

Froggy Model F12

These early conversions demonstrated the sonic virtues of reducing the volume of air in the bodies of larger instruments and altered the course of contemporary flat top guitar design.

The shallower depth of the Froggy Bottom F makes the instrument comfortable to play and contributes to the guitar’s exceptional string-to-string balance, clarity, and projection.

See also the F14 – a 14 fret version.

The finest sounding, best made guitar

I recently purchased a Froggy F-deluxe cutaway (Serial # F 882). This is simply the finest sounding, best made guitar I have ever played. Thank you for the care in making this guitar. After only three months, it already sounds “broken in” – I could not be happier!”

New York

F12 Model Specs

Body Width:
Body Length:
Body Depth:
4 1/8
Scale Length:
25 1/4
Nut Width:
1 3/4” (variable at no charge)

Model F12 Prices

These prices reflect only the basic grade and wood choices for this model. Our price list has prices for specific custom options. Our current prices, effective January 2020, are subject to change without notice.

F12standard / deluxe / limited
mahogany7595 / 8645 / 9895
rosewood7595 / 8645 / 9895
mapleN/A / 9395 / 10,645
walnutN/A /10,245 / 11,495

N/A / 11,345 / 12,595