Froggy Bottom Model P12 Parlor Guitar

This lightly braced 12 fret Froggy Bottom Parlor is a big guitar in a little package. With its warm, balanced voice, the P-12 is one of our most popular models. Even played bare-fingered, these instruments deliver a wide dynamic range with a sweet, balanced tone: sparkling highs and dramatic lows.


Froggy Model P12

Louder than you’d expect

“My P-12 sounds like champagne.  Pink champagne. And even without a pickup, it’s louder than you’d expect.”
– CS, California

P12 Model Specs

Body Width:
13 3/8
Body Length:
20 1/8
Body Depth:
4 3/8
Scale Length:
24 3/4
Nut Width:
1 3/4” (variable at no charge)

Model P12 Prices

These prices reflect only the basic grade and wood choices for this model. Our price list has prices for specific custom options. Our current prices, effective January 2020, are subject to change without notice.

Model P12standard / deluxe / limited
mahogany7645 / 8695 / 9945
rosewood7645 / 8695 / 9945
mapleN/A / 9445 / 10,695
walnutN/A /10,295 / 11,545
koaN/A / 11,395 / 12,645
includes slotted headstock