When we build a commissioned guitar everything is an option —  and we’ll want to have conversations about what you want the guitar to do,  how you want to play it, how you want it to sound.

The pages in this section are meant to share information so that in that conversation we can be sure that we’re talking about the same thing.

The Guitar Grades page explains the difference between Standard, Deluxe, Limited and Custom grade guitars.

There are pages with photos and information about the different woods used for Back and Sides and Tops.   But don’t fall in love with the look of the wood — talk to Michael about how the choice of woods affects the sound the guitar makes!

Finally, there are pages about engraving options.  We include a gallery of the engraved mammoth ivory heelcaps and endgrafts that are, unfortunately, no longer available except on our 50th Anniversary Guitars (2020), and then only heelcaps.   We do still offer the exquisite engraved Mother of Pearl from Glen Carson, and photos there hint at the possibilities.