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We LOVE to hear from Froggy Bottom players, and to share your photos and stories here.

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Starting a new site, here are some of the original pix!   We welcome new ones – send your photo and your story to

Zeeshan - FBG Model M

Zeeshan Khan – M

I am a brand new owner of a lefty Froggy M Deluxe with tobacco burst. I have worked tremendously hard to finally own one; like REALLY hard. I could not be happier and

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Stuart – M

My name is Stuart Ryan, I am a professional fingerstyle guitarist from the UK and the acoustic guitar columnist for Guitar Techniques magazine. I recently had the good fortune to buy a model

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Bat FBG P12

Bat – P12

Two most wonderful events occurred in my life this year:  Induction into the Rochester Music Hall of Fame – and receiving my custom made Brazilian P-12 Froggy Bottom. Bat McGrath May 2013  

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Terry Lee Hale - FBG, 1977

Terry Lee Hale – 2nd Frog

“This is the 2nd Froggy Bottom I’ve owned. I’ve never played another guitar that plays so well or fits my style and personality so perfectly as this beautiful mahogany steel stringed instrument.  Rugged

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Greg - FBG Model H12

Greg – H12

I’ve been enjoying my Froggy H-12 for about 5 years now.  My Frog is never far from the water:) Thanks for the quality effort! Greg Jolliffe January 2018

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Leo - FBG Model sj and Model M

Leo – SJ and M

3 weeks ago I purchased the M Deluxe Cocobolo (on the right) and I was so impressed with the tone and perfection on the guitar that I decided to sell all my other

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Christoph - FBG Model H12

Christoph – H12

I couldn’t resist buying a second Froggy Bottom. This  wonderful H-12 sounds excellent, looks gorgeous, and is  extraordinarily great to play. For me Froggy Bottoms are still the  best steel string guitars in

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Mark - FBG model C

Mark – C

I recently took my Frog to a gathering of folk musicians, and heads turned when the tone of this gorgeous instrument was heard.  I’m still in awe of this magnificent guitar after nearly

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Paul - FBG Model K

Paul – K – Walnut

I had the good fortune of finding my way to Michael and Froggy Bottom. Here is a picture of me playing my brand new Froggy K made with the most beautiful set of

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John - FBG Model K

John – K

Here’s a pic of the Froggy you built for me.  As you can see, it’s beautiful voice is being heard in some picturesque, vacation-like venues. I see my friend Sal’s pic is there

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Adam - FBG


I was dreaming about a D-18, but didn’t think I could afford one. While in Dusty Strings down the hill from my apartment in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood, I spotted a November ’95-made Froggy

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Stephen - FBG Model M

Stephen – M

I am delighted with my recent purchase of the Froggy Bottom M model, it is everything thing I hoped it would be. The clarity and articulation is amazing and it sounds more musical

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Benjamin - FBG

Benjamin – H12

Hello from Scotland, from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the biggest theatre festival in the world. I’m performing my new one-man show, “The Bridge,”  and my main instrument is a H12 Froggy Bottom. The

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Christoph - FBG Model H14

Christoph – H14

Fortunately Tommy`s Guitar Lounge is bringing these extraordinary instruments to Germany.  My Froggy Bottom H-14 is a wonderful guitar. But our wooden froggy is a little bit jealous of our new family member.

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Patrick - FBG


Back in 2004 My wife and I stopped at Maple Leaf Music to look at some guitars. One of the reasons was to try a froggy. Kate was there and let me try

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Stained Glass Froggy Bottom Guitar

FBG in Stained Glass!

I contacted you a year ago after returning from the Spartanburg guitar show with your Sept 2001 built H12 Std, SN H694 that I bought from Tommy Allen. You were very quick and

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Myles - FBG guitar

Myles – SJ

We are now back in New Zealand after a wonderful 4 weeks in the US. The guitar was waiting for me unopened when we arrived at Deer Lake Spokane on the 22nd August.

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Leda - Model C

Leda – C

Here’s a photo of me playing my Froggy C, which I adore. There are so many men in the gallery that I decided to send this on, even though I’m completely camera-shy. Thanks

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Tim - FBG Model M

Tim – M

We were at Madison Music, in Madison Wi, one Saturday afternoon in 2008. Our friend Mike Turk, said, “I have a guitar that I REALLY think you should try. Every time I look

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David - FBG guitar Model H12

Dave – H12

This new and unique feeling of intimacy with the Froggy is seductively whole.  It’s like a well-fitted handle on making my music.  The feeling in both hands while playing is easier than any

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Jeff - Model D

Jeff – D

This is my 1997 D Deluxe. This guitar was built as a display model for the NAMM show in California. Michael drop shipped the guitar to me from the show. From 97 until

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Bill - FBG Model F

Bill – F14

I live in Tokyo, and a few years ago I took a chance and ordered a guitar, sight unseen, by a famous maker. When I got it, I just couldn’t get on with

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Tom - FBG Model M

Tom – M

I just received my Koa model M, and here it is.  I’ve been playing 46 years, and have been dreaming of my ultimate guitar for a good while.  This promises to be the

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Bat - FBG Model L

Bat – L

Yes, I’m on here twice…but I’m not playing favorites.  One Froggy Bottom is simply not enough.  I’ve always been crazy about little guitars, albeit there was a trade off in sound quality.  Wrong. 

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Tim - FBG Model

Tim –

I recently had some photos taken and thought I’d send one of me with my wonderful Froggy Bottom guitar. Thanks for a great sounding instrument. Tim followed up with some more details about

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Mathew - FBG Model H12

Matthew – H12

I have played songs for my daughter Penny since day one. She loves music. I am in the process of buying an SJ Deluxe with her birth month and year on the label.

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Al - FBG

Al – K?

The other day I went on your website for the first time in a while.  I saw a photo of me playing  the second of the guitars you built me.  My daughter is

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Charles - FBG Model K and Model A

Charles – A12 and K

Froggy Bottom A-12: walnut, Adirondack., with Sloan 3-on-plate tuners, thistle on heelcap Froggy Bottom custom K: Brazilian, Adirondack, koa binding, slothead No. K-1176, iris on heelcap Surprising thing is, as different as these

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Bobby - FBG Model M cutaway

Bobby – M cutaway

In 2007, I went to NYC to pick up a guitar, which was already paid. It was waiting for me in my hotel room. I was disappointed and returned the guitar. The problem

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Eric - FBG Model H14

Eric – H14

In 1971, after saving money from teaching lessons to kids, I bought my first and only pro acoustic — a Martin D-35.  But then, in 2009 I started accompanying my wife, who is

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Dirk - FBG Model


I have had my ‘Frog’ for  over a year and am just getting around to sending you a photo. I have enjoyed this guitar so much. I was vacationing in Oregon and stopped

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Frandis - FBG Model H14

Fran – Model H14- Lefty

Just wanted to express how honored I am to now have this beautiful lefty H-14. It is the finest tool for making music that I have ever encountered. Somehow in something so beautiful

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Karsten - FBG Model K

Karsten – Model K

I am Karsten from Berlin, Germany, I bought my Froggy K in Viersen, Germany in 2008, the guiatr was built in 2007. It is not so easy to find Froggy Bottom guitars in

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Robert Resnik - FBG Model L

Resnik – Model L

This is the guitar that was the prototype for the Froggy Bottom Model L. (You can read the story on the Model L page.) “Quite honestly, I’ve never owned a guitar that sounds

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Father and Son with 2 FBG Model M Guitars

Alex and Dennis – 2 Model Ms

Guitar playing has always been a hobby that has brought my father and I closer together.

In college, we both grew up on a Martin, but now we play together with our pair of Froggy Bottom rosewood M-bodies. This photo was taken at the family cabin on the Rock River in Wisconsin–a favorite place to sit by the fire and strum…

Alex & Dennis

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Bat - FBG Model H12

Bat – H12

I guess you can tell I’m hanging on to this one! It’s a Mahogany/Adirondack H-12. After 40 plus years of playing/writing I have found the perfect guitar for me. Rather than string adjectives to describe the sound I’ll just call it honest. It’s clear and balanced and plays like a dream. The guitar is so responsive I can feel it in my chest when I play and the songs seem to pour out of it.

Thank you Michael Millard & team!

Bat McGrath

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Karen Almquist - FBG Model J

Karen – Model J

This is my 1975 Jumbo: a Brazilian Rosewood back and sides, 100 year old Sitka Spruce top, Herringbone purfling on sides and around sound hole, a lilypad abalone inlay on fingerboard and Maple Heel Graft. The Jumbo is extremely balanced and responsive. It has a clear true tone and is great for most any of the playing I do.


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FBG Model M

Vince – Model M

2002 Froggy M Standard Hard to believe it has been 8 years but how times flies when you’re in love! The Froggy M Standard that I purchased back in 2002 was the first

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