Al - FBG

Al – K?

Al - FBGThe other day I went on your website for the first time in a while.  I saw a photo of me playing  the second of the guitars you built me.  My daughter is sitting on my leg.  I showed it to her today and she was proud to be the internet star of your website–Pretty cool.


I feel like a neglectful dad, however, because I also have a similar picture of my son which I never sent you.  The picture also happens to have the first guitar in it.   I am sending you that photo now to be complete, two children and two guitars. I hope you post it next to the other.

Time flies.  The twins are almost twelve.  Kricket is practicing right now for her piano recital this afternoon.

You built those guitars for me in 1995 and 1996.  They bring more joy than ever to me and my children.

Guitars tend to come and go, not yours.  They’ve been right by my side since day one.