Bobby - FBG Model M cutaway

Bobby – M cutaway

In 2007, I went to NYC to pick up a guitar, which was already paid. It was waiting for me in my hotel room. I was disappointed and returned the guitar. The problem was that I had only 4 days to find a suitable instrument. I stormed through all the music shops I could find in NY and tried literally hundreds of guitars. The short list was a Martin 12 frets koa at Mandolin Brothers and a Froggy H12 Koa at Rudy’s. I picked the Froggy eventually after a few trips between Manhattan and Staten Island: I knew that i would never be able to sleep again if i didn’t get the froggy.

A year later I bought another Froggy m brazilian cutaway directly from the Froggybottom guitars workshop. I never played the guitar and relied fully on my phone conversations with Michael, Andy and Eric to make up my mind….bit difficult to play a guitar when you are 16,000 km away.

I got the new baby in the mail in November 08, some 16 months ago. I must say that I was not disappointed.

The froggy came with me in Europe around Christmas 08, in New Zealand in August 09, and in many places around Australia. She is a good baby developing very nicely. I have played it everyday since I got it.

My wife took this photo while we were camping last week at South West Rocks on the NSW coast and of course the froggy came camping with us. It was so hot that it was nice to be around the ocean. I was lamenting about the temperature, playing some bossas, and thinking of you lucky sods who don’t have any problem with the hot weather.

Don’t kid yourself, I am a troubled man: I never know which one to pick: the H12 koa or the M cutaway brazilian…

yours froggily,

March 2010