Caleb Michael's 1977 Frog

Caleb’s dad’s 1977 H14

My father Michael Smallwood played in the band The Heard, a Maine based group from the 1960s. When he had given up playing with the group in the 70s he decided to get rid of all his equipment and invest in one quality acoustic guitar.
You built him a beautiful acoustic in 1977. I grew up sneaking into his room and playing it whenever I had the chance. He never taught me or had me take lessons I just slowly learned by ear. Over the years I bought and sold tons of electric guitars but never could buy my own acoustic. Every time I went to get my own I would try every acoustic in the shop and could never find anything, even the most expensive, that came close to the sound and feel of my fathers guitar. So needless to say, I’ve never owned an acoustic.
About 3 years ago I asked my father to babysit the Froggy Bottom, as he now owns many different guitars. I think he knew how much it meant to me…so I have been caring for it now. Any friend that plays it can’t get over the sound and craftsmanship.
I just wanted to touch base with you and say thank you. Growing up I thought all guitars played and sounded like my father’s. The older I got the more I realized what a treasure it is.
I enjoy it everyday.

Hope all is well in your world,
Caleb Smallwood
March 2015