Eric - FBG Model H14

Eric – H14

In 1971, after saving money from teaching lessons to kids, I bought my first and only pro acoustic — a Martin D-35.  But then, in 2009 I started accompanying my wife, who is a singer, and I knew that I needed to find a different instrument.  I searched around New England, playing almost 100 guitars before walking into Maple Leaf Music in Brattleboro and finding my 1995 Froggy H-14 standard.  From the first notes it was clear that I had found the right voice. Every time I play it now, I still have that same exciting feeling, the feedback from these instruments is so resonant and generous.  The detail, rich mid-range and tight bass make it a great recording guitar.  It does just about everything beautifully, including jazz which really surprised us. Thank you Michael and team!

Eric Chasalow, Massachusetts