Myles - FBG guitar

Myles – SJ

We are now back in New Zealand after a wonderful 4 weeks in the US. The guitar was waiting for me unopened when we arrived at Deer Lake Spokane on the 22nd August. It was 1am when we got in, after 33 hours of airports and aeroplanes, so decided to wait until the morning to open it. I am extremely pleased with the guitar and would like to thank you again for looking after it for me since Xmas. It appears to have survived its jaunt around the States and its plane trip home with no major setbacks, although I was a bit worried on the day we left Las Vegas to come home as the temperature was 94 degrees at 8.30 am.
You might be interested in this photo of my wife and I taken 5 minutes after the unwrapping. Perhaps you would like to include it on your gallery website. The caption to go with the photo is “Polygamy”.
Thanks again and all the best

October 2012