Tim - FBG Model

Tim –

I recently had some photos taken and thought I’d send one of me with my wonderful Froggy Bottom guitar. Thanks for a great sounding instrument.

Tim followed up with some more details about the guitar:

I’ve owned the guitar since about 2004-2005. I actually found it on Ebay,
offered by a gentleman down in the Southern California area. I contacted you
while it was on Ebay and you checked out the auction and said you had made it
for a dentist or doctor back east somewhere. I believe Will Ackerman said he
played at one of the house concerts this doctor (dentist?) put on. That’s
all I know of the history of the guitar. The guitar has a magical sound that
people are always commenting on.


I am currently working on my second solo acoustic guitar CD. I work 4 days a week for
a local hospice called Hospice Partners of the Central Coast playing music for patients,
usually visiting four to six people a day. I sing and play a variety of music, whatever seems
appropriate for each patient and their age. My instrumental guitar music seems to
relax and comfort folks.

Best wishes,
Tim Pacheco
February, 2011