Walid - FBG Model H14

Walid – H14 – cocobolo

Over a year ago, I was fortunate to find one of your beautiful guitars online, a lovely H14 in cocobolo.

It was shipped to me in Miami, as I was visiting, but arrived late for me to take it back with me to Beirut, Lebanon (yup, Beirut now has a Froggy!).

The guitar stayed with family in Miami for over a year, until someone was able to bring it to me. I opened the case, and she just jumped at me.

I tuned her up, and she just sang like an angel. I cannot tell you how lovely she sounds, resonant, harmonically rich, and bright and open. I do have quite a number of lovely guitars, but this is really very special. She must have sat in her case pretty much since 2007, when she was conceived, as she is in really mint condition and couldn’t have been played much.

I’m proud to have probably the only Froggy Bottom in the entire Middle East. All I can say is, wow, how satisfying it must be that you folks create such articles of intense pleasure and beauty. Keep on!

I salute you!

Walid Boustany

February 2018