Fretboard Journal

Michael Millard on woodpilefbg workshopThe Fall 2010 issue of the Fretboard Journal includes this beautiful spread on Froggy Bottom Guitars – my long article profiling Michael Millard and the company. Written after conducting fourteen different interviews with players, recording engineers and artists, builders, repairmen, dealers, clients of Froggy Bottom Guitars, the article presents a look into the remarkable craftsmanship and talent that goes into these instruments. Based on interviews I concluded in October, 2009, the article is now out and issues of the Journal are available through The Fretboard Journal website.

If you own one of these instruments, having this issue of the Fretboard Journal in your archives is going to be a bit like having genealogical record of your favorite instrument. It goes further in explaining what Michael does and how he’s come to do it than anything else in print. The Fretboard Journal back issues do sell out and this one is sure to be a favorite for Froggy owners, so you might want to get yours soon.

Interviewees included:

  • Guitar Builders & Repairmen
    • Michael Millard
    • Michael Gurian
    • William Cumpiano
    • Harry Becker
    • Tucker Barrett
  • Owners & Players
    • Jack MacKay
    • Hans Andersson
    • Chris Kleeman
    • Spencer Lewis
    • Will Ackerman
  • Imaginary Road Recording Engineer
    • Corin Nelsen
  • Fine Artist
    • Petria Mitchell
  • Froggy Bottom Dealer
    • Mike Turk, Madison Music

The article is a great ride and may well open doors for folks who know Michael and these instruments well, as it did for me.