SJ Blog Part 2

Here We Go


Here we go! This is like being in the delivery room at the hospital and hearing your child for the first time. If we’ve really done our work well we should know exactly what she’ll sound like with that first note.

Remaining Strings Located


Once the two outside strings have been located, the remaining four strings are located laterally and notched. Spacing between strings must be uniform. After all six strings are positioned properly, their depth is set, saddle height is adjusted and all facets of the setup are given final check and any required adjustments are made.

First And Sixth


Once the shape of the nut has been formed and it is perfectly seated in its channel the first and sixth strings are located and notched for lateral position. Preferences for positioning of these two strings vary widely from one player to another. It’s got to feel just right.

Bone Nut Blank


The bone nut blank is being fitted to the neck. Each one of these is unique and fitted completely by hand. This allows complete latitude for varying the feel of the guitar to the individual player.

Bone Saddle Blank


A bone saddle blank has been fitted to the saddle slot and curved to match the fretboard radius. In the setup procedure the saddle is left slightly high until string notches in the nut have been set to their final depth for proper playability.

Bridge Pin Holes Drilled


The glue is allowed to dry overnight. Here we see the bridge pin holes being drilled through the top.