Specialty Steel String Acoustic Instruments from Froggy Bottom

Left-Handed Model L Froggy Bottom GuitarOver the last four decades we’ve built a wide array of specialized, handcrafted instruments for serious players, famous and unknown. Baritone, high strung, tenor, acoustic bass, 7-string, 10-string, left-handed guitars as well as octave mandolins and mandocellos built on guitar bodies are available as commissioned instruments, built in consultation with you to suit your requirements and specifications. All of these instruments are built with the care and attention each Froggy Bottom instrument receives and meet our exacting standards for construction, beauty in sound and function.


Left-handed guitars

10 and 12 string guitars

Froggy baritones

Lately when I sit in front of a mic for sound check with one of my two (one lives in the studio, one tours) Froggy baritones, every single sound engineer is blown back and asks something like ” what the $%^&* is that!). I have my choice of any guitar in the world and there’s not a question in my mind as to what instrument I always gravitate toward.
I recently had a guy in my studio with a $ 15,000 instrument (maker will remain nameless at the request of the artist)… I put my little FB 2 in his hands and he used that for his sessions AND is buying the instrument from me.


Baritone guitars

Bass guitars

We offer our Model G as a four-string bass guitar with 34″ scale length.